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Sand In My Shoes

SALT’s Sand In My Shoes: Take a Child Outside program is a community-building, life-changing initiative that promotes getting children and families reconnected with nature through classroom and outdoor field experiences.  SALT’s environmental educators use a classroom experience with fourth and fifth grade science students in Fayetteville and Ft. Bragg’s schools using environmental education tools such as Project Wild and Project Learning Tree.  Activities help students understand the interconnectedness of the natural world and how the individual student can make a difference in preserving our natural resources. 

Children and their families will be invited to participate in the outdoor field activities to develop a personal connection with the land through hands-on learning.  The ultimate goal is to create in children a life-love of nature and instill an understanding in the interconnectedness of all things, resulting in healthier children and a generation knowledgeable and passionate about their future role as “stewards of tomorrow.”

The program is designed as a pilot program that we hope to replicate in SALT’s six county region, leaving a lasting legacy of conservation stewardship for generations today and in the future.

Ecosystems Take Home Worksheet

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