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Prescribed Burn Association

The NC Sandhills Prescribed Burn Association (PBA)


The NC Sandhills Prescribed Burn Association was created in 2016 to connect landowners with the peer support, training and tools they need to accomplish their longleaf restoration goals on their property. This initiative is a partnership between the Sandhills Area Land Trust, NC Cooperative Extension, and Natural Resources Conservation Service. These partners were awarded a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant on behalf of the NC Sandhills Conservation Partnership to implement a Sandhills-wide private landowner outreach program.


Private landowners present one of the biggest opportunities, and one of the biggest challenges, for restoring the longleaf pine ecosystem on a landscape scale. The longleaf pine ecosystem is important for the economic, cultural and environmental future of the Sandhills region, yet is also one of the most endangered ecosystems in the United States. This ecosystem is threatened not only by forests being converted to development, but also lack of appropriate management, specifically the lack of prescribed fire.


Although prescribed fire is the most effective and economical tool for restoring the longleaf ecosystem, most private landowners have excluded use of prescribed fires on their land because of a number of valid concerns. The Sandhills Prescribed Burn Association is a collective of supportive individuals who are working together to provide training, mentorship and technical capacity to help landowners work through barriers and implement prescribed burning.


These collective efforts of private landowners, and local, state and federal agencies will bring back our heritage of an ecologically and economically vibrant longleaf ecosystem.

If you’d like to be added to our longleaf pine project outreach list, please contact Sandhills Area Land Trust staff member Jesse Wimberley at jesse@sandhillslandtrust.org.


This project is made possible through a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and its supplemental funders.


More Information about the PBA:
PBA Video
PBA Brochure
PBA White Paper


Landowner resources to get started:

Technical Assistance for Longleaf Pine Management in the NC Sandhills 
Spreadsheet of Longleaf Financial Assistance Programs for Private Landowners (PDF)
Landowner Decision Chart for Longleaf Management (PDF) 
Landowner Checklist for Prescribed Burning: (PDF)


Web Resources:
The NC Longleaf Coalition (maintained by the NC Forest Service) is a comprehensive resource for all aspects of longleaf management: www.nclongleaf.org

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Sandhills Lily Photo by Brady Beck
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