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Conservation in Action

Mission, History, Vision

Photo of Sandhills Lilies by Brady Beck

Our Mission

The mission of SALT is to protect land and water, natural open space, and farmland in the Sandhills region of North Carolina. The purpose in doing so is to maintain the beauty of the area, to benefit wildlife, to help ensure a healthy environment, and to leave this heritage to future generations of Sandhills residents. 

Our History

The Sandhills Area Land Trust was founded in 1991 by local conservation-minded residents. Their concern centered on the increasing efforts of developers and timber companies to acquire land in the Sandhills. In 1999, the existing Cumberland County Conservancy merged with SALT, strengthening each group and creating a regional organization.

Our Vision

SALT’s Vision is to protect the natural heritage of the Sandhills for future generations.

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Sandhills Lily Photo by Brady Beck
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