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Land Donation and Sale

Sale of Conservation Easement

Conservation easements are typically donated to SALT, with the landowner covering most of the expenses related to donation of an easement, including fees for a survey and appraisal of the property, and a stewardship endowment that funds monitoring and defense of the easement. In certain exceptional circumstances, SALT can apply for grant funding to cover these transactional costs, and/or give the landowner a direct financial return by buying the easement.

Donating Land

In some circumstances, SALT will also accept donations of land for conservation, or "trade lands" that SALT can sell to support conservation elsewhere. Lands can be deeded by will to SALT, and landowners can also retain a remainder interest in lands that allows them to live on the property for the remainder of their lives. Please contact us to discuss your options if you are interested in donating land.

Bargain Sale

SALT may be able to partner with other organizations to buy exceptional conservation lands at or below market value. Landowners who sell their land to SALT below its appraised market value may be eligible for certain tax incentives, as the "bargain" is considered a charitable donation. Again, please contact us if you are interested in exploring this option.