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Landowner's Information:

Voluntary Conservation Agreements: An Introduction for North Carolina Landowners.

Landowner Interviews: Watch interviews with landowners who have worked with SALT to place conservation easements on their property.

SALT's conservation options for landowners: SALT offers several different options for landowners who wish to protect their land for future generations.

Conservation Easements: Conservation easements are voluntary conservation agreements between SALT and local landowners that protect the conservation values of property in perpetuity. Click here to find out more about conservation easements and the process of placing a conservation easement on your property.

Land Donation/Sale: In some cases SALT will accept donated property or even buy exceptional conservation lands if we can secure grant funds to do so. Click here to learn more about donating or selling lands to SALT.

Stewardship and monitoring: Closing a property deal is just the beginning of our work. Click here to find out more about how SALT monitors and stewards its protected lands.

Tax benefits of conservation: Conservation Easements, Land Donations, and Bargain Sales to SALT have many state and federal tax benefits. Click here to learn more about how working with SALT can make financial sense.

Other conservation options: Working with SALT is only one way to protect your land. Click here to learn about other programs managed by SALT's partners.