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Conservation in Action



Our Conservation Work

The main focus of the Sandhills Area Land Trust is to conserve ecologically, historically, and agriculturally significant land to create and strengthen a high quality of life in the Sandhills now and through the future. Our efforts are primarily with landowners who also share this value of longterm conservation for their land. We work primarily with voluntary conservation easements as a tool for landowners to conserve  their land. Conservation Easements may reduce income and estates taxes, or provide other financial incentives. The Sandhills Area Land Trust is available to meet with landowners, including farmers and foresters, to discuss conservation options available. 

The Case for Conservation

North Carolina is one of the fastest growing states, and land conservation has never been more important.  The landscapes of the Sandhills are continually changing as population growth converts undeveloped or agricultural land into buildings and roads. We only have a narrow window of time to protect important natural and cultural places in the Sandhills before they are altered forever. 
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Fortunately, the Sandhills has landowners with private lands that can protect local water quality, wildlife habitat, agriculture, and cultural history. SALT assists landowners with strengthening and defining their relationship with their land, and finds ways to ensure their goals and commitments will be upheld through the future.


Where We Work

The Sandhills Area Land Trust works in the Sandhills and Mid Cape Fear Region, which includes the counties of Moore, Cumberland, Hoke, Scotland, Richmond and Harnett Counties, as well as longleaf pine ecosystem areas in Lee and Robeson counties.

Success Stories

SALT has protected more than 14,000 acres of working farms, water supplies, endangered ecosystems, and urban open-space in our six-county service region since 1991. 

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Sandhills Lily Photo by Brady Beck
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