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Conservation in Action

Conservation Options

Conservation Options for Sandhills Landowners

Photo by: Laura L. Gingerich

We work carefully with each landowner or family to understand and protect their vision for their land. We utilize voluntary and permanent tools to protect their land for natural, recreational, scenic, historical and productive values. SALT offers several different options for landowners who wish to protect their land for future generations. . Below is an overview of frequently used conservation tools. Please contact us if you are interested in conserving your land.

Conservation Easements

We work primarily with voluntary conservation easements, which are legal agreements between SALT and local landowners that protect the conservation values of property in perpetuity. Contact us to find out more about conservation easements and the process of placing a conservation easement on your property.

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Land Donation/Sale

In some cases SALT will accept donated property or even buy exceptional conservation lands if we can secure grant funds to do so. The donation may be set up in a way that allows someone to continue to live on the land or to receive income. Contact us to learn more about donating or selling lands to SALT.

Tax Benefits

You may qualify for a state income tax credit along with other state and federal tax benefits. We are happy to speak with you about current options.

Public Funding for Landowner Conservation

There are several state and federal funding sources for private land conservation…

All landowners are strongly encouraged to consult with experienced, qualified attorneys and accountants when considering and implementing land conservation options.


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Sandhills Lily Photo by Brady Beck
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