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Conservation-Based Affordable Housing

Building sustainable communities

Growing communities donít have to sacrifice their natural heritage to be vibrant places in which to live and work.† With wise planning, livable, affordable communities can be created that protect our natural resources.†

Merging the goals of affordable housing and land conservation, SALT is partnering with the Conservation Fund and Blue Springs-Hoke County Community Development Corporation to develop two conservation-based affordable-housing communities in Hoke County with site plans that protect water quality and wildlife habitat along Rockfish Creek, conserve public open-space, and concentrate affordable single family residences in less environmentally sensitive areas.

On one site, the Connell tract, residents will enjoy public open space and trails that link with the future Hoke County Community Forest, adjacent to Fort Bragg Military Reservation.† Residences will be clustered on uplands that are above the 100 and 500 year floodplain.†

At the other site, the 24-acre Moore Tract, a centralized septic area will allow the homes to be clustered while still having adequate wastewater disposal.† Much of the pine forest in the northern portion of the property will be preserved, ensuring that residents have wooded lots and a high-quality neighborhood, while streams and wetlands on the southern portion of the property will be left untouched.† Pathways and trails will also be created from the residential portion of the property to the conservation area.

Conservation and community development are sometimes placed at odds, but at the Sandhills Area Land Trust, we see both as key to ensuring a rich, enduring future for our children and grandchildren.† SALT is excited to be working with new partners in this effort.† For more information about conservation-based affordable housing, please visit the Conservation Fundís website.† Weíre always looking for new partners in conservation.† Click here to contact us and let us know how SALT can help your organization.